Childcare Centre Bondi

Are you looking for an early childhood education centre that will foster the independence and individuality of your child? For many years, Vaucluse Little School has nurtured Bondi children through their early social, creative, physical, emotional and logical development. Our centre was founded to provide families in Watsons Bay, Vaucluse, Bondi and the surrounding areas with a secure, positive, nurturing environment in which to start their child's education. Our childcare centre has both long day care and pre-school programs for children ages between 2 and 6.


Our philosophy is one of holistic development. Our long day care centre is a space where children can learn and grow, so that by the time they leave, they are well on their way to becoming independent, well rounded individuals. We have a number of core beliefs about what the keys to early childhood education are, these include:


Fostering independence from an early age is key in the development of a well-rounded human being. We encourage children to not only make their own decisions, but to take responsibility for their actions.


At our long day care centre, children learn not only to effectively express themselves but to listen to and respect other children and adults.

Self Esteem

We encourage children to develop a healthy, balanced sense of self confidence through activities and play.

Healthy Lifestyle

Because we believe that the groundwork for a healthy life needs to be laid early, our long day care centre is committed to providing nutritious food and plenty of opportunities for physical activity.

Dedicated Support

We believe that true development requires support and nurturing. Our long day care centre is proud to have a team of dedicated childcare educators who are committed to fostering the growth and abilities of each and every child that comes to Vaucluse Little School.


Children and their families are encouraged to participate in our day care centre's vibrant community. We also aim to familiarise children with their local area to foster both independence and confidence.

If you are a Bondi family who would like more information on our childcare centre, please don't hesitate to contact us on 9337 4014.