Early Childhood Centre for Double Bay and Dover Heights Families

Vaucluse Little School is proud to offer unique childcare services to families in Dover Heights and Double Bay. If you're an eastern suburbs family looking for a local long day care and pre-school that puts the independence and wellbeing of children above all else, then look no further than Vaucluse Little School.

One of the most established early childhood care centres in the Dover Heights and Double Bay areas, we offer long day care services as well as a pre-school program for children aged between 2 and 6 years.

Our Ethos

The aim of our early childhood centre is to create a safe, fun environment where young children can learn and develop socially, physically, creatively, logically and emotionally. Our core childcare beliefs include:

Community Consciousness

We encourage children to participate as both members of the centre community and as part of their local area. We believe that community awareness fosters confidence and independence and is therefore a crucial part of early childhood development.

Committed staff

Our day care is proud of our professional staff which consists wholly of qualified childcare educators. Each staff member is extremely experienced and wholly dedicated to the welfare of their pupils.


At our long day care centre, one of the main ways children learn is through making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.


We foster self-esteem by encouraging children to recognise their strengths and abilities. Effective Communication

We believe that effective communication is one of the most crucial skills in life. Children are taught to listen, express themselves, and respect the feelings of others.

Healthy Lifestyle

We believe that the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle need to be established early on in life. Because of this, our early childhood centre is committed to providing nutritious food and is encouraging of physical exercise at every available opportunity.

For more information on our childcare centre and pre-school for families in the Double Bay and Dover Heights areas, please don't hesitate to contact us on 9337 4014.