Boutique Childcare Facilities in Sydney

One of the most established preschools in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, we've had plenty of practice creating a secure, positive environment where the interests and abilities of each individual child are nurtured and encouraged to flourish. Our Watsons Bay childcare centre perfectly balances the diverse range of developmental needs that young children have. Our boutique programs and facilities foster the social, physical, creative, emotional and logical development of each child.

2-3 Year Old Room

This is a warm, positive space ideal for young children in Watsons Bay and the eastern suburbs who are spending time away from home for the first time. Divided up into a range of play areas, this room is filled with educational toys and books as well as plenty of art supplies to encourage self-expression. The spacious open plan of the room means that the children have the chance to be independent, whilst still under the supervision of our childcare educators.

3-5 Year Old Room

At our eastern suburbs preschool, children are exposed to more complex activities designed to challenge them as they advance developmentally. In this room creative, social, logical and environmental consciousness is fostered, with children encouraged to make their own decisions.

Play Areas

Our centre has several dynamic play areas that are designed to encourage both physical activity and constructive play.

The Big Room

Our Watsons Bay pre-school features a large indoor play space with mats, tables, toys and a trampoline to keep little bodies active even in bad weather.

Outdoor Plat Area

Our Sydney childcare centre boasts a dynamic of outdoor play area which includes a soft fall playground, a large enclosed sandpit, and plenty of toys and games to promote fun and physical activity. Our boutique outdoor area is also fully covered and sun safe.

For more information on the boutique facilities our childcare centre and pre-school in Watsons Bay have to offer, please don't hesitate to contact us on 9337 4014.