Montessori Education


We cater for families seeking an approach to learning that encourages self discipline, confidence and an ability to work independently in order to fulfill their individual potential.


There are four main areas in the pre-school program. Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. Considerable emphasis is also placed on Creative Arts, Music, Science,

Geography and Cultural Studies. We bring the world to the child through Globes, Maps, Songs, Land Forms, collections of pictures of life in different cultures and much more is offered with the aim of helping the child to grow as an individual appreciating the world around them.


A carefully chosen selection of small-motor activities designed to develop the child's independence, coordination, concentration and sense of order and care for the environment. Once these skills are acquired children can advance to more complex Montessori equipment.


The sensorial Montessori materials assists the child in refining their ability to accurately judge and compare size, shape, colour, sound and texture to enable them to become more analytical in their observations. These materials also prepare the child for mathematics.


The language activities enable the child to learn the phonetic sounds for each letter. As the teacher presents the Alphabet symbols to the child they will not only hear and see the sounds but they will feel them by tracing the sandpaper letters. When they are confident with these sounds they begin to read starting with small phonetic words.


Children are introduced to the functions and operations of numbers, arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Through the use of Montessori counting beads children learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide giving them a sound understanding of the concepts of mathematics before entering school.

The Program

All of the educators at our centre have had training in Montessori and are experienced in early childhood education. Because of the high standard of our Educators, we are able to provide developmental and educational programs for each group of children.

The educators develop a daily program, observe the children in their care and plan their programs around the needs and interests of the children.

The centre implements the National Early Years Learning Framework as part of the National Quality Reform.

Learning Areas of development include:

Learning Outcome 1- Children have a strong sense of identity
Learning Outcome 2- Children are connected and contribute to their world
Learning Outcome 3- Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Learning Outcome 4- Children are confident and involved learners
Learning Outcome 5- Children are effective communicators

If your teacher feels there is an area of concern, she/he will inform you and advise where help may be sought, e.g. speech therapist. It is always your decision to follow this up. The educators are willing to discuss any aspect of development with parents.

Services Offered

� Long Day Care
� Pre-school Program
� Montessori principles
� Special Needs Catered For