Childcare Centre Rose Bay

Vaucluse Little School offers early childhood education for families in Rose Bay and the surrounding areas. We are a professional and dedicated long day care centre and pre-school with a primary focus on fostering holistic development and individuality. Our facilities cater to children aged between two and six years with a diverse range of learning and play areas. Your children will flourish whilst under the care of our professional and experienced childcare educators who are wholly dedicated to the development and wellbeing of each and every child.

Our Philosophy

Our long day care centre and pre-school is a safe, positive environment where the interests, needs and abilities of each child are nurtured and fostered. Our aim is to facilitate the early emotional, physical, social, logical and creative development of young children. Some of the core beliefs integral to our long day care centre include:


We encourage community participation both within our childcare centre and in the wider local area including Rose Bay. We believe that when children are connected and well oriented in their local area and community, their sense of self confidence and independence flourishes.


We encourage children to make their own choices as well as take responsibility for their actions and self-motivate. Key to our education processes is the recognition that every child is a unique individual, with their own set of aspirations, needs, strengths and weaknesses.


We encourage children to express themselves in an effective, empathetic and direct manner. Children are also encouraged to listen and respect the opinions and choices of others.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle begins in childhood. At our childcare centre encourage physical activity at every available opportunity, and strive to provide nutritional food that children are positive about and happy to eat.

Dedicated Support

We believe that committed educators are the key to early childhood development. Our childcare centre has a dedicated staff of qualified childhood educators with many years of experience.

For more information on our long day care and pre-school available to families in Rose Bay and the surrounding areas, please don't hesitate to contact us on 9337 4014.