Montessori Education

About Us

Opening hours: 8.00 am - 5.30pm

Welcome to Vaucluse Little School. Our Early Years Centre established in 1997 has been providing quality care for families in Vaucluse ,Watsons Bay and surrounding suburbs.

Vaucluse Little school offers a Montessori Education and seeks to achieve excellence and enrichment for Early learners. Our aim is for children to realize their full potential by introducing dynamic learning experiences according to Montessori principles.

Each child is allowed supervised free choice of classroom activities and freedom of movement based on his or her interests. This promotes initiative and self confidence.


"At Vaucluse Little School we believe that childhood is a unique and valuable stage of life."

We are committed to the care and overall development of each and every child who comes through our Vaucluse childcare centre and pre-school.

Our aims and beliefs are as follows:

  • >To build and foster each child's self-esteem by developing strong feelings of self worth
  • >The best way for children to learn is through experience and making their own choices. We recognise every child is an individual, with their own abilities, interests and needs.
  • >Play is one of the best ways to nurture and cultivate cooperation, empathy, motivation and unbiased attitudes.
  • >We encourage self-expression and thoughtful communication.
  • >To cultivate the potential of each child through providing a loving, secure, and stable environment which an extension of the home.
  • >That each Sydney family is important and we aim to support parents in the care and upbringing of their children.
  • >To encourage parents to participate in the long day care centre program according to their own needs interests and opportunities.
  • >To facilitate knowledge and participation in the local Watsons Bay community and use of its facilities, so children become confident in their environment.
  • >To employ childcare professionals who truly understand the emotional and developmental needs of young children and encourage them to extend their skills.
  • >Staff who are sensitive, caring and dedicated to the welfare of children and parents who frequent the centre.
  • >To provide a positive workspace and good working conditions for our staff
  • >To maintain high standards of hygiene and care
  • >To provide children with a wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet
  • >At Vaucluse Little School, we feel effective communication is the bedrock of a happy childcare centre.

Age Groups

> 1 – 3 years (14 children maximum)
> 3 – 5 years (10 children maximum)